Every work will look like an interesting task if you show your interest in it. Whether it is playing, cooking, or sewing, if you will do any work with your keen interest, it will provide you the great benefits. Even kids can deliver great designs to the fabrics if they are interested. Sewing is fun for all the people of different age groups. It can attract the interest of anyone. Here, the most important thing is kids can learn this process even faster than any other person if you will provide them excellent guidance. If your child is interested in the sewing process, then you should encourage them to increase by providing them knowledge. But before you start with this process, you have to consider the best sewing machines for kids that are safer as well as efficient.

Most of the children have sewing as a hobby, and they try to show their talent by including them in this work. It is not easy to select a sewing machine that is safe for the kids as well can lessen their burden. Here are some of the best-listed sewing machines that may stand out to be the best for their help.

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

One of the best affordable sewing machines for kids is Brother XM2701. It can handle the working of every fabric irrespective of the price. This machine makes working easier for beginners who cannot handle the technical work easily as well as for the professionals.  As from the brand, you can assume its working and efficiency. Children who want to start learning about the stitching process can opt for this machine.

  • Built-in stitches – This machine has a large number of built-in stitches, which means you can create vast designs within a short period. You should not be carried away with this quality as it can sometimes create huge confusion. This machine is perfect for beginners as well as for the midway sewers who are not enough experts. There is not any need to buy a machine with the huge in-built stitches.
  • It can be used as a free arm sewing machine – This machine is a multi-purpose sewing machine that can also be used as a free arm sewing machine. It is useful for people who are involved in everyday sewing projects. This can be useful for both the starter as well as for the professional. With the help of this machine, you can easily sew cuffs, sleeves, pants, or other simple things.
  • Feet of the sewing – The Brother XM2701 is available with six sewing feet that can be easily changed. The six sewing feet of the machine includes a buttonhole, zipper, narrow hemmer, blind stitch, zigzag stitch, and button sewing foot. The buttonhole foot is used for the purpose of sewing buttonholes while zipper foot is used for the zipping. With narrow hemmer, you can do the narrow hemming. The blind stitch foot is useful for creating blind stitches. A zigzag foot can do all the zigzag stitches, and the button sewing foot can sew buttons.
  • Accessories – This machine is available with all the necessary elements that are needed. The best feature of this machine is that it has built-in storage for the accessories.

Features of this machine

  • This machine has a fantastic feature of an automatic needle threading system.
  • The in-built LED light makes it easy to handle the sewing work efficiently.
  • The best thing about this machine is it has a jam-resistant top in the bobbin system.
  • With the stitch selector, you can select the stitch type that is needed.
  • It can deliver up to 800 stitches in a minute.

SINGER Start 1304 Sewing Machine

If you want a sewing machine with a low budget, then it can provide all the essential functions and features that you will need. You can get this version of best sewing machine for under $500. This sewing machine is very tough that is capable of doing all the tasks efficiently. This is the best choice for beginners who are new in this field. This machine has an in-built metal frame that makes the sewing machine tough enough to handle every task frequently. 

The Singer is the first company who has introduced the zigzag machine, best portable sewing machine, and the first computerized sewing machine at the very first. Now it has become the well-known and most trusted brand of the sewing machines. The Singer sewing machine also contains a metal frame that provides strength and toughness.

Heavy-Duty Metal Frame – This machine comes with a heavy-duty metal frame. Due to the metal frame, everything is arranged perfectly in its internal, and it makes the sewing work more effective. This frame reduces the chances of a breakdown. It can handle everything in order while your child is doing the sewing task. If used continuously, then it can last long.

Sewing Feet – This machine is available with three presser feet which is important for regular use. The presser feet include all-purpose foot, zipper foot, and buttonhole foot. You can efficiently do all your sewing projects with the all-purpose foot. Buttonhole foot is used for adding the buttonholes or slots. The last, zipper foot is used for adding piping or zippers.

Dual Spool Pins – SINGER Start 1304 Sewing Machine contains double spool pins. It is used for the two needles which make them work quickly and effectively. Sewing Machine with two needles provides you and accurate parallel rows while stitching. These will also make your work more decorative and impressive.


This machine also comes with all the necessary attachments that are needed while operating with the sewing projects.

Features of this sewing machine

  • You can easily set the threads along with the design of this machine.
  • You can also select the stitching type with the stitch selector.
  • It can provide up to 400 stitches in a minute.
  • It can also be converted into a free arm sewing machine when you remove the extension table.

Janome Blue Couture

This sewing machine is available with all the necessary stuff that is needed by the beginners as well as kids. Due to its impressive color, it attracts the interest of the people to use it. It is specially designed for beginners who want the best dressmaking sewing machine.  It has a metal frame that makes your sewing experience more reliable. You can say that this machine is the best choice for quilting, sewing clothes, or other projects.

  • Sewing Feet – Janome Blue Couture has four presser feet. These pressers are the necessity for regular use. The presser feet include:
  • General-purpose foot – used for basic sewing purposes.
  • Zipper foot – essential for sewing of zipper.
  • Blind Foot – used for sewing blind hemming.
  • Buttonhole foot – used for sewing buttonholes.
  • Front Loading bobbin System – With the bobbin loading system in the front of the machine, it becomes easier for the beginner to work efficiently. Due to which you can easily access the bobbin when your fabric is under your presser foot. Bobbin system makes it easy for you to thread the bobbin case without any instructions.


  • The machine contains a heavy-duty metal frame.
  • It is easy to adjust the length and zigzag of the stitching.
  • It can make 800 stitches within a minute.
  • The thread is also adjusted without any tension.
  • It can also be used as a free arm sewing machine when the extension table is removed.

Varmax Mini Sewing Machine

Varmax mini sewing machine is among the best small/mini sewing machines. In spite of its mini-sized sewing machine and compact design, it is also known as a space saver. It has a large extension table that makes it convenient for the user to handle the large projects efficiently. The extension table makes it stable while sewing. It has a cuff slot that makes it easier to sew sleeves and trousers. The in-built LED light makes it easier to work effectively.

  • Double Thread & Two Speed Control – It has a feature of dual threading that makes the sewing easier. Double thread stitching makes it easier for the users to complete the projects on time. It has a speed control feature with which you can set its speed from low to high and vice versa.
  • Built in Lamp & Thread Cutter – The built-in lamp provides enough light that makes it easy to use the sewing space. The machine also has a well-equipped thread cutter. It saves your time that you waste in finding a scissor for cutting the thread.
  • Performance – The performance of this machine is exactly what is needed by the user. It can be used on denim, soft jeans, silk, or thin canvas.


  • Varmax mini sewing machine has a large extension table that makes the sewing process smooth and easier.
  • It has a special slot that is used for sewing sleeves.

Janome Fastlane Fuchsia Basic

Janome Fastlana Fuchsia also attracts the attention of the kids that love sewing. It is the best choice for both the starters as well as for the experienced sewers. You can easily set up these machines. The built-in stitches provide you the opportunity to use it in a better way.

  • Performance – If we talk about its performance, then it has all the necessary capacities according to its price. You will not get disappointed with its working. Moreover, you will love to do smooth and convenient stitching. It cannot handle thick fabrics but is the best for the beginners to learn sewing.
  • Built-In Stitches – It has four stitches that are available with six stitch width and length variations. The five straight stitch variations are used for basic sewing and inserting of a zipper. Three zigzag stitch variations are used for basic mending and garment construction. One Crescent or Scallop stitch variation is used for embellishment and applique. One multi-stitch is used on stretch fabrics such as knits.


  • It can make 500 stitches in a minute.
  • The thread tension is also adjusted.
  • You can easily adjust the stitching length and width of the zigzag.
  • You don’t have to tackle the problem of threads.

All the above-discussed sewing machines are best in their own way. You can choose the one that can deliver better performance. You only have to ensure your budget, necessities, and the safety features of the sewing machine. Now choose the one and make your child’s experience of sewing more professional.