Buying a sewing machine for the first time is not less than a stressful task. There are a large number of options from which you have to choose. You have to consider various things so that the sewing machine you are going to buy will be able to meet your needs and requirements. Not only the requirements but you also have to look after the pros and cons of the machines. Buying a machine from online stores such as Amazon is no doubt profitable as you get the machine with a better prize. You will also get vast options from which you can choose. You can also select the one after reading the reviews of the customers who have bought that machine.

When you choose to buy from a dealer, it has its advantages. You can use the machine before you pay the price. No doubt those dealers will take the responsibility of repairing and maintenance of your machine.

They will also provide you details about the available attachments and adequately explain their usage. But before you decide to make purchases based on the advantages that you hear from the dealer, ask that dealer about the offers that they provide in the way of service. Take a look at the things that you should consider.


Whether you are looking for the best dressmaking sewing machine or the best small/mini sewing machines, you should consider every important thing. You should check carefully that it should have a metal full rotary hook as it avoids a lot of jams. You need to choose the hook that goes around in a circle and does not spin back and forth. The machine should be able to open easily so that you can clean the lint that is accumulated. The sewing machine needs to be maintained professionally; there is a need for regular cleaning and oiling. If you will ignore its cleaning or try to avoid this task, then it will ruin the working of your machine. 

Always make sure that you should choose a machine with an open arm. Mostly new machines are now available with this feature so you will not face this issue.

The machines that can thread easily are more preferable. If it is possible, you can try this in the stores also and notice carefully about its working. If you are buying these machines online, then check out the reviews or viewpoints of the past purchasers. This is more useful for the sewers whose eyesight is weak.

It is advisable to avoid plastic-made sewing machines. These machines only lead to loses as these are easily breakable due to the cheap plastic parts.

Stitch Options

Here are some of the basic stitches that are required on your machine.

  • Straight Stitch – This stitch is the only one that everyone uses more frequently.
  • Zigzag Stitch – This stitching is needed when you need a finishing look for the raw edges.
  • Stretch straight – This stitch is needed when you want to secure the cloth after much use. It is that the precision stitch that you want your machine should produce more correctly.
  • Tri – motion – This type of stitching finishes your edges and prevents disentanglement.
  • Blind – hem Stitching – This stitch is used to create hems that are not seen easily or barely for the correct side of clothing.
  • Button Hole Stitch – This stitching option can save you from lots of grief when you have to make holes of the button for clothing. In this case, you should prefer to choose the best sewing machine for curtains, upholstery & quilting.

There are different stitches that you will need according to the projects that you work on, but the above-discussed stitches are the basics that are more often needed.

Mechanical or Electronic

Nowadays almost every sewing machine runs on electricity. But to find a sewing machine that runs through a foot or knee treadle, you need to purchase an antique.

Mechanical machines – are also known as manual/tailoring/treadle/domestic sewing machines where the users did only the basic settings manually. The best thing about these machines is that it is a perfect choice for beginners who want to gain knowledge about a sewing machine from the very beginning. In short, these sewing machines are the simple, “silai machines” which has few features, is less expensive, and can be repaired easily. These machines are cheap if compared with computerized or electronic sewing machines. Some of the features of these machines are:

  • These have built-in pressure feet.
  • The stitching length can be adjusted.
  • It has a bottom loading bobbin.
  • These can be used for single or reverse stitch.

If we talk about the latest models, they are now available with more than one in-built stitching pattern. If you want to sew thick fabrics like denim or leather, then these are not at all suitable. The most irritating thing about these machines is a thread of the needle that you need to put-in repeatedly. The hand-operated machines or treadle have one capability of straight and inbuilt stitching.

Electronic machines – Electronic sewing machine work more efficiently as compared to a mechanical sewing machine. These machines provide huge features and are perfect for expertise sewing. The best thing is the sewing professionals can use these machines effectively and with fewer efforts. These have a free arm and are motorized machines which are light in weight, have a compact size and some of the models have an LCD screen. If we talk about its features, then these machines have:

  • Have a stitching and an automatic thread cutter quality.
  • Has the Capability of 7 in-built stitches and twin needle compatibility.
  • Are excellent choices for embroidering, hemming, blind stitch, buttonhole stitch, hemming zip fixing, smoking, stretch stitching, quilting, and many more.

An electronic sewing machine makes adjustments itself. You only have to press the button for the type of stitch that you want. Moreover, these are the best sewing machine for denim & leather. No doubt that these machines are expensive as compared to the mechanical machines, but the maintenance cost is less. Electronic machines are an excellent choice for professional tailors and the people who are experienced in this field. The people who use sewing machines very rarely can opt for mechanical machines.

Bells and Whistles

You should check and make sure that the machine that you are going to buy can fulfill your needs and requirements. There are various skills that you need to learn which need additional features. Most of the machines are there which can have features that are added at a later date. So, if you may try to find out that it will help you to add according to your needs, you always prefer to choose the one that has some extra features, but you should prefer to buy the one that is easy to use and is less complicated to operate.

Weight and Size of the Machine

The weight and size of the machines depend upon its portability. You should try to choose the best portable sewing machines. As most of the time, you have to put the machine away when they are not in use or sometimes you have to carry those sewing machines with you for craft fairs or some other fairs. Even the small portable machines vary in weights and sizes. So, the best thing you can do is to lift it. Try to lift while choosing the one for purchases. If you are buying online, then check the list of the weight provided in the chart. 

If you already have a separate place or space for the machines at home, where you only put your sewing machines, then a heavier machine is better to choose. It represents a better quality machine that is made of heavy metal instead of plastic parts.


It is not a good deal when you make purchases of the machine that is exactly according to your needs and requirements without considering the cost of the machine. When you plan to buy a machine that you want, you should set a limit on the number of funds that you are going to spend. For this purpose, you have to consider the pros and cons of a particular machine. You can also get the best sewing machine for under $500 along with the high-quality mechanical metal. If you cannot afford that budget, then you can choose a used or reconditioned machine. It is even profitable when you buy a high-quality, used machine rather than a cheap new machine.

When you purchase your first machine, you don’t consider overbuying if you are not sewing for a long time. But if you want to purchase a machine for your sewing business purpose, then you should look for the expensive and professional style machines that can make things even easier. No doubt that those machines will cost you a lot more thousand dollars.

Service and Warranty

The most important thing that you should look at is the warranty time and what it covers. Also, ask then whether you will get your machine serviced locally or you have to mail it somewhere. Do a survey and ask other sewers also. Find out their experience about the customer’s services they have received from the company with which you want to make purchases.

There is a huge number of Facebook groups and pages of sewers. You can ask them questions about the machines they prefer to use or about their recommendations. Surely, you will get different opinions and answers because everyone will consider that their choice is best.

Lastly, we would like to include that do your research, take the opinions of others but choose the one that suits perfectly to your needs. Always remember that every machine has its features, but the quality matters the most. Maybe, a machine with good features can break or jam continually, so it is advisable to consider the quality first.