You all must be aware of a sewing machine. But have you ever heard about the sergers or its working? If you are not aware of this machine, then through this article you will become aware of both the terms. Whether you want to buy the best dressmaking sewing machine, a serger, or both at a time, we will provide you some advice or instructions regarding these two machines. You will also know which machine would be suitable for working.

A Brief Introduction to Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is used for stitching the materials such as clothes or leathers and is considered as the best dressmaking sewing machine. These machines are available with a needle and a shuttle to carry thread. These machines can operate with a treadle, waterpower, or electricity. It is the first commonly distributed home machine. A sewing machine is just like a device that can stitch all kinds of fabrics together in a short period. With these machines, it is now easier to do the sewing task effectively and efficiently.

Hand stitching is years of old art. From the beginning, the sewing needles were available made of animal horn bones, and the threads were made of animal tendon. During the 1300s, iron needles were invented, and the first eye needle appeared in the 1400s.

The first patent who connects to the sewing was Charles Weisenthal. He was issued a patent only for the needle which was designed particularly for a machine. However, the patent has not given the information related to the machine, and still, it is not known whether a machine existed or not. In 1790, during the industrial revolution, Thomas Saint had introduced the idea of a sewing machine. At that time, it was capable of handling only one type of sewing pattern. But with the change in time, the modern sewing machine has become even more efficient.

The sewing machines that we use in today’s era are elastic and have lots if variances and tactics in their method of operation.

What is a serger?

A serger is just like a sewing machine, but it has a feature of binding fabric together along with an overlock stitch. Usually, it uses about 3-4 stitches to create the overlock stitch. You must have seen the finishing stitches on your shirts or garments that you have in your home right now! A serger effectively trims and encloses the edges of the fabric. The options don’t need to be the same with all sergers. The more you spend on anything you purchase, the more options you will get.

Sergers are the best sewing machine for kids as it makes it easy to sew lots of kid’s clothes at a time and cut half of the workload by making things easier. Sergers work fast as you can quickly correct the torn seams or you can make a last-minute gift easily. The stitches that you get with the sergers are tough than the stitches from the regular sewing. Its stitches make your garments and accessories even more durable. Serger generally comes up with a blade that can cut the excess fabric while stitching. With this feature, you can get the perfect hems, and there will be no extra cutting required. 

The Basic Differences:

Sergers and sewing machines differ at various points. Here are some of the facts about them that you must take a look:

  • Amount of needles used – Basically, in a sewing machine, only one needle is needed. But if we talk about the sergers, then they have different types of unique needles with which you can get your work done. In this sector, sergers are better than that of a sewing machine.
  • Amount of bobbins – As you are now aware that sergers are available with a huge number of needles, which means there must be more threads. These threads need to be perfectly handled, and for this purpose, a large number of bobbins are required.
  • Speed – The sergers are available with an automatic system which effectively controls the working. This is the main reason that it is not required to control them manually. But, if we talk about the sewing machines, then these machines need to be managed according to the requirements. Because when you do any work with your hands, that process needs more attention, care, and dedication.
  • Mass production – In the process of mass production of garments, there is a need for both sergers as well as sewing machines as they both have a huge difference in their working method. But, if you consider sergers, then they can perform much more rather than just simple stitching. Due to this reason, these are much more beneficial for the process of mass production.
  • Efficiency – The most important thing in the sewing industry is efficiency. If we look from the viewpoint of the managing director, then we can say that time is money. If you want to work according to this perception, then you should choose sergers only. A serger is much more efficient and reliable than any other regular sewing machine.
  • Design – Let us take it as an assumption that you are working with the sewing machines. According to the needs and requirements, you can bend or twist any point. Now use sergers for the same work. You will notice the changes that how effectively and efficiently you have completed the same amount of work within less time.

Pros of a Sewing Machine over a Serger:

Now you are well aware of the basics of both sewing machines and a serger along with their differences. So, now let’s continue with acquiring more knowledge about how a sewing machine can suppress the serger.

  • Electricity is not required (Those which are non-electric) – Nowadays most of the sewing machines are available with the electricity feature; they operate only with the electricity. However, there are some of the sewing machines that work with only manual labor. This machine is the best portable sewing machine and does not need any of the extra power or work for its performance.
  • Flexibility in work – With the best sewing machine for curtains, upholstery & quilting, you can handle the heavy-duty tasks more effectively. It is also easy to detect any wrong line in the work. Moreover, you complete your work instantly.
  • Easy to handle – The most important and interesting fact about a sewing machine is that it is easy to handle. The use of a sewing machine is almost everywhere and in every part of the world. No doubt, that everyone must have seen at least one model of sewing machine in their lifetime. It is more comfortable to use. That is why it has gained massive popularity within a short period.
  • Provide proper freedom – You must make sure that while you do any sort of work with the sewing machine, you should not distract yourself from the work. Attention is equally essential for efficient working. The most important thing is that you can edit your workpiece at any time whenever you want, even during sewing.
  • Beginners can learn quickly – For the beginners, there are best small/mini sewing machines with which they can learn about sewing clothes. If you are a beginner, you will find these sewing machines more comfortable to operate while working. Only you need to do a short course which can teach you about its operation in an efficient manner.

Pros of a Serger over a Sewing Machine

With the above-discussed pros of sewing machine over sergers, you must be aware of how the sewing machine would be capable of providing better support than a serger. Now, let’s check out how sergers can work efficiently than a sewing machine.

  • Faster operation – After gaining some knowledge about the sergers, you must have realized that sergers can work accurately and faster than the regular sewing machines. Moreover, there is not any requirement of labor work for its operation. With the sergers, you can also save your time that you spend on cutting.
  • More Efficient and effective – Sergers are capable of providing the best solutions for cutting and stitching of clothes instantly. That is the main point where you can differentiate them from the sewing machines.
  • Consumes very less time – When you work with the sewing machines, you need much more time for labeling, cutting, and stitching. But if we talk about the sergers, these can handle the task effectively. When you use the sergers for the stitching purpose, you will quickly know about the difference in stitching with a normal sewing machine and a serger.
  • Perfect for Industrial Uses – We all know for industries, time is money. They keep on updating the sewing machines with the new models. Because they know that with the developments in the sewing business, their work can be affected. So, they mostly prefer sergers to save both time and labor costs.
  • Ultimate Finishing – When you use sergers, they can sew the clothes perfectly without any mess. The sewing process is perfectly done with the sergers, which is not possible with the sewing machine.
  • Cutting Advantage – Now, there is not any need for the scissors while doing work with the sergers. It makes your work even easier, you can cut and sew at the same time.
  • Professional Look – The competition in the market is dynamic; it changes every day. If you want to cope with those new and fresh ideas, you should buy a serger only.

In this article, only that information is provided, which is needed. Through the above-discussed points, you can choose the one that is most suitable for your needs. You can consider some of the factors like requirements, profits, or whatever that is necessary. With this, you can make your decision to buy. But still, you should choose sergers. Because in this technological era, sergers are the only options that can meet your needs.