If you are more passionate about sewing or have a sewing hobby, you may have a sewing machine at your home also which has bells and whistles, other than the basic sewing stitches. When you make more involvement, you realize the insufficiencies of your simple sewing machine. You elaborate on your choices to buy even bigger and better. Sometimes, you try to turn this hobby into a profession. For this purpose, maybe you need to buy an industrial sewing machine or a computerized embroidery machine. But it depends upon the type of business that you are going to start or your needs and requirements.

You may get surprised after learning that there are different types of sewing machines with varying capabilities of working. Maybe among them, you can find the most suitable one that can help you throughout your work. So you must take a look at those different types.

Domestic model sewing machine

Due to its reliable and straightforward operation, these machines are often used for hobby sewing. With the use of these machines, you handle every work of sewing clothes, accessories, and home furnishing. Most of them may sew only the straight seams. But the better machines and of high-quality will be able to make zigzag stitches, decorative stitches, or buttonhole stitches. You can consider them as the best dressmaking sewing machine.

In spite of the advantages, domestic sewing machines have disadvantages also. It cannot sew a larger number of layers fabrics together or for a longer period without getting heated. Also, there are possibilities that the stitching can look unreliable and imperfect while practicing or sewing for 100 hours. Moreover, there is nothing much to consider about the speed of the stitching of domestic sewing machines.

Industrial Model Sewing Machine

An industrial model sewing machine can solve the problem that arises with the domestic model sewing machine. You can continue with sewing for a longer time without any problem and worrying about the weight of the material. But, here you need to consider the precautions that you should take to prevent sewing related illness or accidents.

The industrial sewing machines provide you the evenly balanced, straight, and perfect stitch. These machines operate at a very high speed, and you can finish your sewing work in much lesser time as compared to your hobby sewing machine.

You can sew the thick materials with the domestic model sewing machines buy an industrialized sewing machine does not have any comparison. You can sew endless things such as shoes, slippers, bags, dolls with the use of leather, rubber, plastic, or canvas. Due to this reason, these are considered as the best sewing machine for denim & leather.

An industrial sewing machine is much more expensive than a domestic machine. In case you want to sew without any difficulties or disturbances at home or you want to start a sewing business, then you should prefer this machine only.

Hand-Operated Sewing Machine

Traditionally, it was trendy, but now very few people have these types of sewing machines. In fact, it was just the option at that time. The working of these machines depends on the movement of the wheel, which is operated by hand. There is a handle that you have to turn around so that it can operate. If you want to buy these machines, you can get easily from market places. These machines were the best sewing machine for kids clothing as you can sew your kid’s clothes easily without facing any hurdles.

Treadle Sewing Machine

These sewing machines can operate without current, but you have to use a base stand with which you treadle for the operation of the wheel. These machines work almost like any other sewing machines but cannot handle the higher manual work. In most of the countries, people use these types of sewing machines only. In the location where electricity is expensive or not available, these are perfect that you can use for the sewing purpose.

Unlike the hand-operated sewing machine, there is no need to use hands. But, there is a possibility that you may get exhausted because you are using your energy during the operation. You should stop the process at that time to relax. These can also be fitted with the electric motors, and due to this feature, you can sew faster and easier when there is the availability of the current.

Mechanical Sewing Machine

This machine can be considered as a simple hobby machine that is used to adjust the stitching length, width or want to make some simple decorative stitches. These actions make it a mechanical sewing machine. If you are a starter, buy this best sewing machine for under $100 as they work on a single motor that only turns the gears and belts of the machines.

Electronic Sewing Machine

Electronic sewing machines are capable of doing different tasks such as combining stitches, overlocking, or buttonhole making with convenient switches. It provides even more options for stitches as compared to the mechanical one. Usually, an electronic sewing machine is available with a built-in computer that has some buttons, LCDs, and touch screens, which are useful for its operation.

Computerized Sewing Machine

A computerized sewing machine is also known as an electronic sewing machine. It can handle the additional embroidery work with perfection. It can also set the programs. Computer-controlled sewing machines have the ability to create seven different types of buttonholes. You can also make huge decorative stitches. If we talk about the cost, then these machines are much costlier than the other models.

Mini sewing machines

The best small/mini sewing machines are portable and very small. These can sew a straight line, can do alterations, repairing, adjustments, and can handle the simple sewing projects. Whether you want to sew clothes or home furnishing, these machines can handle the task effectively and are very cheap. Some of these machines can handle both zigzag and straight stitching. There are chances that these machines can be jammed as you do your sewing work and cannot sew the heavy material due to less durability.

Lockstitch machine

These are the most common sewing machines which can sew a straight and zigzag stitch. You have to use two threads for operating these machines; one is needed at the top and other at the reel. You will not see any difference in the stitching on both sides of the fabric. These are the hardworking machines that you mostly use for your sewing business.

Chain stitch machine

These machines create a chain stitch while you sew on the fabric with the thread. Only a single thread is encircled around the fabric and forms a chain under the fabric. These are used to sew both straight and zigzag stitching. Chain stitching machines are available with one needle or two-needle, and it is up to you and your requirements that which you want to choose. Rather than the sewing process, it can also be used for binding and decorative sewing.


If you want a multi-purpose sewing machine, then no other option than a serger would be the best choice. These are efficient for sewing hems and finishing fabric edges. Sergers are the best choice for sewing knit fabrics. These are also known as overlock or overedge machines. The best thing is that you can combine edges with only one stitch. Most of the sergers are available with a cutter that cuts the edges automatically when they sew along with the edges.

Blind stitch machine

This type of sewing machine is generally used in an industrial set up and is mostly used to do blind stitch hemming. Overall, these are used for doing invisible stitching on hems. When you are doing a business of stitching pants, skirts, or shorts, you will need a capable machine that can efficiently help with your work. In that case, these are the most suitable options that you can choose.

Long Arm Quilting Sewing Machine

If you are one of those who prefer to do quilting, then these machines are perfect that you can purchase. You can buy them for your large space where your large quilt pieces can rest when you sew them. For quilting designs, you can buy a mechanical quilting machine or a computerized one that works automatically when you press a lever.

Embroidery only sewing machine

These embroidery sewing machines are capable of storing the embroidery design in its memory. These are also available with a USB port through which you can import designs into the machines and create your favorite embroidery designs. You can also use them anywhere and at any time you want.

Most of these machines have design editing features with which you can combine many designs and create a new one at the same time. The latest available machines have features of previewing the designs on the LCD screen and changing the color of the thread.

Cover stitch machine

These are those sewing machines that can make cover stitches and can create great cover hems on the knit garments. They are mostly used for hemming, binding, topstitching, or for adding some decorative effects.

Buttonhole machine

If you are looking for a machine that can make hundreds of buttonholes easily, then you should prefer to buy a buttonhole sewing machine.

There are various options for the sewing machines from where you can choose. But while making any purchases, you should consider your needs and requirements. You should consider whether you want it for the business purpose or home use. After considering your needs, you can choose the suitable one.