Embroidery machines are great options for customizing old clothes that lie in wardrobe from the years and for covering the spots on garments. But when you need a machine that can expand your home business, you have to look for the specific needs of your business. You have to choose carefully that can help you to expand your business.

There are various machines available in the market, but due to the difference in their prices, it is difficult to choose the useful one. If you want to choose the best, then here are 4 top models that you can select. Before you make any decision regarding the buying process, you should consider some factors, including reviews from the customers regarding their experience.

Hoop Size

When you are going to buy a business embroidery machine, there is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. That factor is the hoop size. Some lower-priced machines are a feature with very less hoop. If you intend to embroider something huge, then you should buy the best sewing machine for curtains, upholstery & quilting. Firstly, decide the projects on which you are going to work then choose the biggest hoop that is within your affordability.

The item that you are going to embroider

Most of the machines are there that you will notice while selecting your sewing machine, are not capable of embroidering the stiff hats. Those hats are the baseball caps or the snapback caps. All of the machines are capable of making only flat garments, but sometimes there is a need for more specialized machines to embroider something.

While deciding to buy an embroidery sewing machine, you must consider on what type of fabric you are going to do the embroidery work. There are some cheaper embroidery machines also that are also known as the best sewing machine for denim & leather.


Various quality models come with a USB port. This port allows you to import various designs that you can use for your embroidery work. You should make sure that your embroidery machine has a USB port. But if these machines have an SD card socket or PC connectivity, then these are the best to use for efficient working.

Sometimes, customers want a unique and different design, which they want you to create on your fabric. Most of the time, it happens that you find those designs difficult to recreate. In that situation, a computerized machine will be more useful that comes with the capability of reading files. Those machines result out to be flexible and time-saving.

There are also some of the machines that have a direct link to PCs and help you to create real-time alterations. It will make the formats of different files much easier with which you can do your work efficiently.

LCD Screen Size

If your eyesight is not enough good that it used to be, you should pay attention to the screen size of your machine. Screens are available with different sizes, and a larger one will make it easy for you to create designs exactly according to the given pattern. No doubt that embroidery machines with smaller screens will be less costly. Some of the best sewing machine for under $500 is also available. But you should consider the factor that it can make your work even difficult, especially when you have to work with the touchscreen control options.

The Number of Needles and Stitches per Minute

Whether you are sewing or embroidering for yourself, it will not matter what you have to change the colors regularly with your hands. But if you are doing business, you should prefer to choose a machine that can save your time. Choose the one with multiple needles which can change the color by itself. You can save your time as well as energy to focus on other orders while the one is in progress.

The speed of the machine while stitching also matters for the completion of the orders. Most of the machines that work even faster can work with efficiency. With the fast running machines, you have the option to slow them down, but it is not possible to speed up a slower machine.

Service Options

Working in a business with machines all around means they need regular maintenance also. When you send your machines for the process of repairing, you have to wait for its repair and also your work stops at that time. So, you should try to choose the one that is available with a long warranty. But it also requires services or repairs regularly. So, you should choose a certified shop.

Whether you want to buy the best small/mini sewing machines or the best portable sewing machine, every manufacturer owns a different certification system. So, you should carefully check the town or city where you can get the nearest certified agent. Most of the times you have to take those machines to the shop for the repairing but some of the agents offer home service. They also come to your site for the services and repairs.

Top 4 Embroidery Machines for a Home Business

Now if you already know how you can choose the best embroidery machine, then here are some of the recommendations that you should take a look:

Janome MB-4S Four Needle Embroidery Machine (Best Overall)

If we talk about Janome MB-4S, then it one of the most expensive machines that you may try to avoid. But if we consider its factors, then it is one of the best embroidery machines that are effective for your home business. These mainly come under the category of home machines and are one of the most powerful commercial machines.

This machine is the first home machine that has four needles with which you only have to set up a project and move to another work. When you are setting up the whole task, the machine can complete the work itself. The best thing about this machine is the computer connectivity. With this connectivity, you can import all of the designs with the help of a USB port or some software. Moreover, with a clear LCD, you can see the work accuracy.


  • It is much easier to make the stiff hats and anything that you find impossible
  • Because of the four needles, you do not have to waste your time on changing thread.
  • You can effectively import your design with the help of a USB port.
  • Best for the small businesses that are looking to expand.


  • These machines are much more expensive for starters.
  • These are larger and require more space than similar machines.
  • These are very heavy in weight and need a well-made surface.
  • To operate these machines, you should have complete knowledge about the working of 4 needles and how they run.

Singer Futura XL-580 Sewing and Embroidery Machine (Affordable)

These sewing and embroidery machines are the best for the new home businesses. It has a large hoop and various other features that are hard to find on other machines within the affordable range. Due to the features of multi-hooping capabilities and speed control, it is an ideal choice that you can choose.


  • These machines are affordable and have a high-quality motor.
  • It has software that can handle multiple tasks and read most of the file formats.
  • With the USB key, you can make different designs on your computer without even connecting with the machines.


  • It does not have any LCD screen.
  • The user should be more experienced and know using a computer for handling the most difficult tasks.
  • There is a possibility that issues can arise with the power supply if it is outside the US 120 V system.

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 1200 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

The Janome Horizon Memory Craft is from a series of large machines that are mostly kept by medium and large home businesses. It has an acufeed system that is useful for the movement of various layers of fabrics with accuracy.

It has a large touchscreen display that makes the work much easier with real-time PC connectivity. This connectivity helps to edit or create the designs. These machines are the combination of sewing and embroidery machines that helps you in sewing or quilting.


  • Due to its full colored LCD touchscreen and the PC connectivity makes it easier for you to edit or create your own designs.
  • It has a large hoop size that is capable of working with all type of fabrics


  • LCD screen controls are sometimes complex, and most of the time, it becomes easier to use on the PC.
  • Only a single needle is required, and the thread needs to be changed regularly.

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine (Great for Beginners)

The Brother PE770 is the only computerized embroidery machine that is best for beginners. It has only one feature of doing embroidery due to which most of the people prefer to keep it as a second option. Moreover, these machines are of extremely low prices.

There is not any requirement for the computer. You have to download the designs from the web and then convert them into a compatible embroidery file. With the LCD screen, you can correct the machines, which include mirror imaging, rotating, and size editing. 


  • These machines are only used for embroidery and are inexpensive.
  • You will get the features of extra functionality.


  • It is not possible to embroider stiff hats with these machines
  • Because it has only a single needle, the operation goes on very slowly.

 If you want an embroidery machine that will enhance your business or is suitable for your business, then MB-4S is the best choice to choose. If you’re going to open shop for embroidery caps or socks, then Janome MB-4S can do it all.

It is totally up to you and your requirements on which machine you want for your business. Starting a new embroidery business is not less than a challenge, but a right embroidery machine can handle the tasks efficiently.